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“We are born to enjoy the great game of life and extract and create Wealth, Beauty and Joy, whatever happens Today!”

The “Didier” hair salon opens in January 2003 in the prestigious Galleria Cavour, surrounded by the biggest brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Armani and many more. After a few years, in 2009, in view of an expansion, he found a more satisfying and performing environment, in the luxurious Via Farini, in a beautiful building of the 1400s. Once, this building was a stable, it was used as a commercial space only late 19th century. In the lower part of our hall, there were the stables, but today there is our training room followed by the laundry, warehouses, office, changing rooms, services and break room. In the upper part, however, from rags to riches, there is the real hall.

We only want the best

Our mission is to make your style unique and personal

Bologna (BO)
Why Didier


At the entrance we find the reception with the cloakroom and the resale area and immediately to the right the room, where everyone has their own personal workstation, both for convenience and privacy. In the back corner, on the left, we find the technical area with the Consol Color in sight, where we prepare our colors and on the opposite side, a Hair Spa room, private room, having to be able to do the best work of capillary reconstruction, aesthetics, preparations for bridal hairstyles and exclusive ceremonies

Our STAFF communicates with modern WALKIE TALKIE, to speed up waiting times and internal communication by 80% to ensure maximum attention to the customer.

The salon also has a WIFI network to connect comfortably on the web. The restaurant is also equipped with a large water DESCALING AND PURIFICATION system, which allows the hair and scalp the maximum balance between lightness and shine.

The AMBIENT TEMPERATURE is constantly monitored to ensure a pleasant stay. The ultrasound technology and the nebulization of NON-TOXIC DISINFECTANTS, offer protection from bacteria and viruses in our wide environment.

THE LIGHTING has been designed to give maximum optical fidelity to the natural color of the hair.

THE AUDIO SYSTEM, together with a collection of sought-after songs, creates a harmonious musical background, which will brighten your stay.

Our brushes and combs are all disposable, they are sterilized and bagged every time, like everything; from freshly laundered towels to capes and gowns.

The service then ranges in pampering the customer through the bar service, where you have the opportunity to enjoy hot drinks with biscuits or delight in the delicious sandwiches prepared in our kitchen.